Find translations of common phrases used in software UIs

Benefit from Existing Translations

Thousands of software applications have been translated before yours. phrasella provides you phrases that are used in other software UIs in multiple languages already. Take advantage and reuse those that fit your UI best.

Expand your audience

More supported languages give more users access to your app. Get each phrase in all the languages you need.

Save money

Hiring translators is expensive. Instead, use our ready-to-use translations.

Be more productive

Briefing translators for each language is quite time consuming. Our translations are ready!

Ideal for Existing and New Phrases

When translating your app, find translated phrases that are similar to your existing ones. When adding a new feature to your app, look up matching phrases.

phrasella is the Best Alternative To Google Translate and Hiring Translators

Lack of control and slow pace of localizing each language are just two reasons that make the translation process very painful. Instead of translating one by one, phrasella offers you verified translations to multiple languages.


Software UIs use common phrases that are standard. There is no need to translate them over and over again

Instant translations

The translations are ready even before you realize that you want to use them.

Dozens of languages

Each phrase on phrasella is available in multiple language. There is no need to translate one by one any longer.